proudly presents Designer Team who bring out their artistic imagination into beautiful unique cross stitch design:

Saifhon Borisuthibandit

Designer Director, Saifhon B., who helped start PINN cross stitch company, is well known for classic oriental designs. Her sweet,cute cartoons and fantasy kids are inspired by her little daughter. Her works reflect timeless elegance. She has real talent! We hope you select one of her oriental designs series for your cross stitch masterpiece.

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Rungrat Puthikul

If your favorite cross stitch designs are about natural view, scenery, landscapes or realistic interpretation of animals,call for Rungrat. She also creates 'for men' designs like motorcycles, racing cars, tatunga hunting.

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Bussakorn Ploysarn

She is outstanding in watercolor and recognized for her detailed renditions. Her latest grand project is 43-A Wimanmek Roayl Palace. Please check it out we guarantee your satisfaction! If you prefer painting of sweet and soft scenes, Bussakorn P. will cheerfully color for you, see 23-J Waiting and 23-L Beautiful Day as a proof!

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Pornrawee Pakdinarong

Our specialist animal portraits as well as 'round big eye cartoons', the Japanese kind. She has used her experiences as a wildlife painter and cartoon illustrator to create appearing designs for cross stitch friends to enjoy stitching.

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