• (code: LE-23F)
  • Suggested retail price US$8.95
  • Size: 14.5" x 18" for 14-count white Aida
  • Stitch Count: 200 x 247
  • A4 size color chart
  • Chart marked in distinctive symbols and clear instructions
  • Both DMC & Anchor color codes
  • Designed by Saifhon B.

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Lady of the Rose (LE-23F)

Deeply inspired by Madanabada, the Romance of the Rose, a verse romantic tragedy drama by H.M. King RAMA VI of Thailand, (1910 - 1925), the tale composed with jealousy, black magic, separation, great loss, and dastardly deeds then Saifhon B., the designer turned the inspiration into Lady of the Rose cross stitch design.

Madanabada literally means "the pain of love." It is a story of a woman who, having rejected the love of the divine Sudeva, is magically transformed into a rose, returning to human form only by the light of a full moon. The unsuspecting King Jayasena falls in love with the rose-woman but unfortunately is already betrothed to Queen Chanti, who, none too happy about the situation, hatches dark plots that threaten to unravel their passionate union. The Queen resorts to the vices of black magic by asking Vidura, a local wizard, to stage a trick insinuating that the King's beloved Madana and Suphang, his loyal servant, are lovers. In the tradition of all the best tragedies, human folly and fate prevail over common sense and King Jayasena orders their execution. Eventually, Viruda the wizard capitulates and repents his treason, telling the King that Madana has not betrayed him and still lives. There's the slightest glimmer of hope but, alas, too late. The love of his life has been turned into a flower forever and the divine Sudeva in his wrath has inadvertently created in the rose a symbol for the beauty, fragility, and eternal power of a woman's love.


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