• (code: LE-23S)
  • Suggested retail price US$9.95
  • Size: 17.5 x 21.5 for 14-count Aida
  • Stitch Count: 231 x 281
  • A4 size color chart
  • Chart marked in distinctive symbols and clear instructions
  • Both DMC & Anchor color codes
  • Designed by Saifhon B.

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Birthday Blessing (LE-23S)

The Beautiful Angel flies over to bless your birthday with edible gifts of 'Tray of Togetherness' containing three symbolic fruits. Traditionally, the Chinese believe these fairy fruits bear some significances:

(1) peach as symbol of spring, immortality and elixir of life for the peach tree of the Gods was said to blossom once every 3,000 years and the fruit of eternal life took another 3,000 years to ripen

(2) grape as symbol of fruitfulness

(3) lychee as a symbol of vitality though romance.


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