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  • Suggested retail price US$12.95
  • Size = 34.5”x28” for 14-count gray Aida
  • Stitch count : 480x390
  • A4 size color chart
  • Chart marked in distinctive symbols and clear instructions
  • Both DMC & Anchor color codes
  • Designed by Saifhon B.

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The Eight Immortals

The eight immortals, or Pa-Hsien in Chinese, are a group of legendary beings based on historical characters in Taoism. These beings, at different periods and for various reasons, each attained immortality. Each one of the immortals represents a different condition in life; poverty, wealth, aristocracy, age, youth, masculinity and femininity. Artistic representations of each are usually recognizable by identifying their respective attributes. Stories of the Eight Immortals were popularized in Chinese art forms, folklore, drama, novels, woodblock prints and porcelain. They are…

  1. LI Tie Guai who always carries a crutch and a gourd; he is the emblem of the sick.
  2. ZHONG Li Quan, usually shown with a fan, he represents the military man.
  3. LAN Cai He, the strolling singer, either a woman or a young boy, shown with a flower-basket; patron deity of florist.
  4. ZHANG Guo-Lao, said to have lived in the 7-th or early 8-th century, shown as a rule with his mule, and carrying a bamboo tube-drum with iron sticks; he is the emblem of old men.
  5. HE Xian Gu, a woman, said to have lived in the late 7-th century, shown with a lotus blossom or flower basket, and occasionally with a peach and sheng reed-organ.
  6. LU Dong Bin, shown with a fly-whisker dressed as a scholar and honored as such. He also had a magic sword with which he performed freak feats, for which reason he is also the patron deity of barbers.
  7. HAN Xiang Zi, said to be the nephew of the Tang Dynasty statesman and scholar Han Yu, is often shown with a flute, and patron deity of musicians.
  8. CAO Guo Jiu, said to have been connected with the Sung Imperial family, and is generally shown with castanets or a jade tablet of admission to court; patron deity of actors.

    In China, the number eight is highly esteemed. Eight means "prosperity" which makes this auspicious number play a large part in many Chinese folk traditions.


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