• (code: LE-KEC01)
  • Suggested retail price US$12.95
  • Size: 28" x 34.5" for 14-count antique blue Aida
  • Stitch count: 390x445
  • A4 size color chart
  • Chart marked in distinctive symbols and clear instructions
  • Both DMC & Anchor color codes
  • Designed by Saifhon B.

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Chinese Goddess of Mercy -7

The Goddess of Mercy, also known as Kuan Yin (Chinese) can be seen almost anywhere in the world where the Chinese live. She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness - the "Regarder of the Cries of the World." In times of sickness and trouble, she is the first to be pleaded with. She is child-bearer, creator, carer, friend and mediator. She is the great goddess of life itself. According to legend, Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven but paused on the threshold as the cries of the world reached her ears.

Kuan Yin's presence is widespread through her image as the "bestower of children" found in homes and temples. A great white veil covers her entire form and she may be seated on a lotus. She is often portrayed with a child in her arms, near her feet or on her knees, or with several children around her. In this role she is also referred to as the "white-robed honored one." Sometimes to her right and left are her two attendants, Shan-ts'ai Tung-tsi, the "young man of excellent capabilities," and Lung-wang Nu, the "daughter of the Dragon-king."

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